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SIX RIDERS DOWN: CNSW reconfirms commitment to making cycling safer

SIX RIDERS DOWN: CNSW reconfirms commitment to making cycling safer

17 Mar 2014 , by CyclingNSW

Cycling NSW was shocked to hear the news yesterday of the incident involving a car which collided with six Eastern Suburbs Cycling Club riders on their regular morning training ride along Southern Cross Drive.


Our initial focus is on the well-being and recovery of the six riders involved.  While it is reassuring to know the injuries sustained are not life threatening, this does not in any way take from the serious nature of the injuries or their potential to be life changing.


We have the upmost confidence that the police investigation will ascertain the cause of the collision.  Police are urging anyone with information about this incident to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or use the Crime Stoppers online reporting page: Information you provide will be treated in the strictest of confidence. They remind people they should not report crime information via the Police Facebook and Twitter pages.


During the past several months there have been numerous serious incidents involving cars and cyclists, many involving our members.

This does not include the dozens which occur on a daily basis which thankfully do not result in serious injury, but each having the potential to severely injury or take the life of a cyclist.   Sadly it often takes a collision of this magnitude to bring sharply into focus the issue of bikes and cars safely sharing the roadways in a mutually respectful manner. 


This incident has an eerie similarity to the one which claimed the life of Australian cyclist Amy Gillett several years ago in Germany, one which in itself has bought about significantly more awareness of cyclists on our roads.


Cycling groups around the country have been lobbying for legislative change under the “metre matters” campaign.  Such a change would enshrine in law motorists being required to allow a minimum of 1 metre space between themselves and cyclists when passing.    Cycling NSW fully supports this initiative. 


We believe that the combination of changes to road rules and education of motorists and cyclists is the best way to ensure the safety of all road users.  Cycling NSW will continue to work with the other cycling groups to ensure a collective approach is taken to bring about such change.


Cycling is a bourgeoning activity across health and  fitness, competition and commuter outcomes. What we see as a major contributor to incidents of this nature is the apparent lack of understanding by some motorists that what may be only a minor collision if between two cars, can kill or severely injure a cyclist who has minimal protection against impact. 

In other instances we believe there is often a lack of respect shown towards cyclists who are legitimate road users. 


Each cyclist is someone’s wife, mother, husband, son or father, they could be your neighbour or work mate.   We call on all motorists to be vigilant and aware of their surrounds when driving, and for our cyclist to obey the road rules, to ensure as safe and mutually respectful environment for all road users.